Funny Stories Of Disobedience To The Holy Spirit

Disobedient Toyeen

When I was younger, I was quite a stubborn goat. Every time my dad issued commands at me I would say “why?!” and he’d retort with “because I said so”. In my mind, I would roll my eyes and say “when you’re not the Lord Jesus Christ”. You’d think with this attitude that I would be fully obedient whenever I came under the lordship of Jesus Christ right? WRONG! I carried my stubborn goat behavior into my relationship with Christ. Before August 31, 2019, when I gave my life to Christ for real for real never to go back to the world, the only time I can confidently say God spoke to me (not audibly oh) was when he gave me a word just before I went for my master’s program. He must have been speaking to me many other times but I don’t remember being aware. It wasn’t even until last year I realized he used to speak about even the little things that happen in our lives every day.

In the last few months, I have been seeing several “stories of obedience” posts where the authors wrote about some of their experiences obeying God and how rewarding their acts of obedience were.

Well, I decided to write my own too but mine is titled “stories of disobedience” and it’s about 3 instances where I disobeyed the holy spirit and suffered the consequences. It’s not even anything major as I am still a newbie Christian by all standards — 1 year and counting — who is still trying to accurately discern the voice of the holy spirit and it wasn’t until things turned out in a way #ineverhesperred that I knew he was the one speaking.

First Incident

After I became an orobo rebe, I fell publicly four times from wearing heels. For some weird reason, I could no longer walk with the same heels that used to be comfortable to walk in when I was skinny.

I stopped wearing heels totally and used to wear only flats to work. My cousin gave me this new pair of beautiful work shoes that were only 3-inches high and super comfortable. I could walk all day in them without ever having to change to my slippers and I felt like I could work from here to heaven in them without any issues. I looked up the brand online bet it was odikwa way more expensive than I was used to spending on work shoes. However, it was the only pair of shoes I used to wear to work daily and the shoes had become a part of my identity — when you saw it you saw me — so I needed to buy more pairs. I sha bought more pairs online when the shoe company was having sales, added coupon codes, and got a decent discount. (I would have included the company’s name here but they didn’t pay me for advertisement so I can’t 😜).

I didn’t have anyone to bring them back for me until months later when my folks traveled so I had to keep wearing my only school shoes to work which was becoming embarrassing for me. I asked around for where I could buy work shoes and was directed to a shoe store in Ikeja. I bought a black pair of 3-inch pumps (because the experience of falling has taught me not to wear higher than 3-inch heels) for N7500. It looked pretty enough and felt comfortable when I walked around the store. However, on the first day I wore it to work, it was anything but comfortable. To date, I still don’t understand how 3-inch pumps could be painful to walk in. Unlike my school shoes which I wore from my house and could even drive in, I had to wear slippers to work and I changed to the shoes only when I got to the floor where my office was situated. As soon as I got to the office and got hot water for my ginger tea from the kitchenette, I would take off the shoes only to put them on again when I wanted to go within the office, to the bathroom, or for lunch.

Anyway, my other comfy shoes came in and I stopped wearing the uncomfortable shoes and wore my new shoes instead. A few months later, I was trying to decide on what shoes to wear to work one morning when my eyes fell on the uncomfortable shoes. I thought to myself that I hadn’t worn it in a while and I was going to wear it that day. I felt the holy spirit ask me to wear another shoe (wasn’t certain it was him then) but I began to argue with the voice that “Ahn Ahn why should somebody be telling me not to wear my own shoe that I bought with my money? I’ve not worn it in a while and I’ve made up my mind to wear it today and no one can make me change my mind”. Nobody argued with me so I took my shoes to work. As I was putting them on, my colleague came into our office and said he hopes I remember that today was our physical environment tour (it was a requirement for the project we were working on). 😳😳😳 “tour ke? Touring a 9-floor building and its surroundings? In these painful shoes?” It was then I knew I had messed up.

People of God my feet nearly bled during that tour. Every time we stopped somewhere to speak with people, I would take off my shoes and stand on tiptoes as a way to stretch my feet. The client representative who is female, noticed me doing this and asked why I didn’t wear slippers like she did if my shoes were uncomfortable. I replied almost tearfully that it was unprofessional to walk about in slippers on a client’s site. My boss said to the client that I knew better than to walk about in slippers. You people that tour lasted for 2 hours 10 mins and I had to do it in those shoes. Dazz when I realized it was the holy spirit who asked me not to wear the shoes but my stubborn goat made me wear them. That’s the last time I wore those shoes and I’ve given them out now.

Second Incident

I have premium ear holes that sometimes react to non-gold earrings (bet how do I come up with some of these nonsense that I write? Premium ear holes bawo? 🤣🤣🤣). Some costume earrings cause injuries around my earholes and I often have to stop wearing earrings until they heal. A lot of times when I wore my wig, I never bothered to wear earrings for this reason. When I still wore a wig, I used to leave it in my car most times. I drove with my gorrimapa and only wore the wig when I arrived at my destination. As soon as I entered my car again, I would remove the wig instantly and fling it on the passenger’s seat. On this fateful morning, I sensed the holy spirit (again I wasn’t 100% certain it was him) ask me to take along with me a white pair of earrings (which had hurt my earholes several times in the past when I wore them for days) on my way out of my apartment but I refused and told the voice that the earrings had caused injuries in my earholes in the past so I wasn’t going to wear them. Besides, my wig was in the car and since it covered my ears, I didn’t need to wear earrings.

I had a recording at church that day for the daystar online team so I drove to church. I got to church and did my super minimalist make up of drawing hoodlum eyebrows and applying lipstick before getting out. I brought out my hairbrush to begin brushing my wig but I couldn’t find the wig. I searched all around and underneath the passenger’s seat but the wig was nowhere to be found. I checked the backseat and boot sef but still couldn’t find my wig. I began thinking of all the places I could have left the wig at maybe in my room and remembered that I had visited a friend the previous night. I called the friend and before I even asked, she told me I forgot my wig in her house. Without earrings and a wig, I would definitely be looking like a boy in the recording. I’m not even trying to be funny but in JSS1 first term at ISL, my French teacher mistook me for a boy because I was on low cut, wore no earrings, and was wearing a T-shirt tucked into black jeans and canvas. So yea, I still live with the fear of being mistaken for a boy and that’s why I try to do small make-up, wear earrings, and dye my hair with my gorrimapa.

Anyway, I went into the studio and was told I wouldn’t be participating in the recording — I would only be observing. That brought some measure of relief because I didn’t like how I was looking anyway. Not too long after, who would walk in but the one and only RMD in all his glory! Ahmean dude is even finer in real life than in pictures and instantly I knew I had to have a picture taken with him. And suddenly, I remembered I was looking like any work with neither earrings nor a wig and knew that’s why I was asked to take along my earrings. I became momentarily sad but mehn when next would I see RMD to take a picture with him? I took the picture with him like that ni oh! See him looking like he stepped out of GQ while I looked like his house girl. That was definitely not the Beyoncé look I was going for.

Third Incident

This one happened recently on December 5th. I stayed over at my friend’s house the previous night watching The Experience and didn’t fall asleep until the early hours of Saturday morning so I woke up late around 9 am. I planned to worship and do bible study, shower, go to my sister’s house and hang with her until I left for my friend’s graduation dinner which was to start at 4 pm. I picked up my phone and saw a missed call from GS (the guy who brought back my laptop for me). I called him back and he said he was in VI and I could pick up my laptop whenever I wanted. I wanted to say thank you with a gesture beyond words cuz I was truly appreciative of him bringing back my laptop and since he said he liked puff puff when I told him I owe him N1000 puff puff, I was going to drive all the way down to Ilupeju to buy it from my favorite puff puff seller — I honestly haven’t tasted better puff puff than that woman’s own — puff puff yen lo si Harvard ni sha. Lemme not derail. So the previous night I was going to ask on SM if anyone knew a place on the island that sold amazing puff puff but forgot to do so. Anyway, the holy spirit (this time I was fairly certain it was him) asked me not to go to the mainland to buy the puff puff and just continue with my plan of doing worship and bible study and go pick up my laptop after. Bet sometimes stubbornness just gets the better of me and I had made up my mind to buy the puff-puff as I didn’t want to renege on my promise and pick up my laptop while giving nothing in return.

I shelved quiet time, showered, dressed up, got a cooler for the puff puff, and left lekki at 10.30 am for ilupeju. I figured there’d be no traffic as per Saturday morning and I would dash down to Ilupeju and dash back to the island. As if you can even dash to anywhere in this Lagos. As soon as I got on the express you guys comean see traffic. “Toyeen turn around and go home or just goan pickup your laptop”

“No! I must buy this puff puff today”

People of God, I got to the third mainland bridge around 11.30 am and thought it’d be open by noon — 30 mins wasn’t such a long wait time. Only for Kelly to call me to ask where I was and when I told her I was on the third mainland bridge, she informed me that the bridge wouldn’t open until 1 pm! 😳😳😳! 1 pm bawo? Na so I remain inside traffic for the next hour and a half until the bridge was open and all those queued in front of me moved to give way to those of us at the back. There was still traffic on the gbagada expressway but at least I was on the mainland. I eventually got to the puff puff place around 1.30 pm but I didn’t see any puff puff seller. I thought she had moved her stall so I asked someone sitting around and he said she doesn’t come on Saturdays!

😳😳😳😭😭😭 I almost cried, you guys. 3 hours in traffic only to not find puff puff seller. I was completely destabilized so I just parked somewhere to figure out what to do. I called Kelly a few minutes later to ask her if she knew a puff-puff seller in Lekki (what I should have done originally) and she replied in the affirmative. When I narrated my ordeal to her, she chastised me for not asking her about a lekki puff puff seller and traveling to the mainland just to buy puff puff. I sha collected the lekki puff puff seller’s address and headed back to Lekki after stopping briefly to buy fuel. And my dear brothers and sisters, that’s how I entered the second round of traffic! I had told GS I was on my way to pick up the laptop but I was ready to turn around and go to magodo and pick up my laptop some other time. I checked google maps and it said the drive to magodo was 1hr long while the drive to lekki was about 1hr 17 mins long. I was ready to go to magodo but my friend had already paid for me to attend her graduation dinner when I confirmed I was going to attend. Omo, I canceled buying puff puff with red biro oh and proceeded to VI to pick up my laptop.

Eyin eyan, google maps lied and I didn’t get to VI until 4.30 pm ish. Since 10.30 am that I left the house — almost 6 hours spent in traffic and I didn’t even get to do what I set out to do to begin with. I collected my laptop oh with only plenty thank yous.

Kelly helped me order and deliver the puff puff to him 2 days later without anyone having to go anywhere and he loved it! I should have done that from the beginning but no — ori kikun refused to let me think straight. The hours I spent in traffic that Saturday and the previous day made me resolve NOT to drive anywhere until they finish the construction on the bridge and the IJGBs return to their base and I’ve been a passenger since then.

In conclusion, I’m praying for grace to ALWAYS obey without question or argument whether or not it makes sense. Truly I have learned obedience through suffering! 🤣🤣🤣 (Hebrews 5:8). Maybe (maybe ni oh) in another post, I would share how I (Me oh not anyone else Plix cuz God speaks to us as individuals and there’s no formula for hearing his voice) can tell to a certain extent that it’s the holy spirit speaking to me not someone else or myself.

Thanks for reading.

Merry Christmas in advance.

P.S — Puff-puff is a traditional Nigerian snack made of fried dough. You can read more about it here

Firecracker Toyeen

I am Firecracker Toyeen and I am a believer. I love to tell stories with important messages. My Blog: Instagram &FB: @firecracker_toyeen

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